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Voice Rehabilitation
Voice is judged as normal when the quality, pitch, loudness or flexibility are adequate for communication and suit a particular person. Voice becomes a problem when quality, pitch, loudness or flexibility calls attention to itself, rather than to what the speaker is saying. It is also a problem if the speaker experiences pain or discomfort when speaking.

In addition to temporary misuse of the voice, some individuals develop habitual patterns that may have started with an acute condition but are retained after the associated condition resolves itself. Some examples are talking too loudly, using a pitch level that is too high or too low or improper breathing patterns. Swelling of the vocal folds after voice misuse can lead to small growths such as vocal nodules, nodes, polyps, or contact ulcers. A professional speech-language pathologist performs the non-medical evaluation of a voice disorder and, when indicated, executes a plan to improve voice. Following the evaluation, voice rehabilitation consists of several components:

  • Case history, including voice misuse and vocal abuse facts
  • Clinical examination
  • Clinical analysis and impression
  • Plan of care

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